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Johnny is a really good man,a friend.But what he's been teaching about soveriegnty of the individual most especially about taxes,isn't true.It's a wonderful ideal,but doesn't exist in current US law. Coming up with opinions form historic courts and other old documents doesn't trump the current court precedents,I that stuff worked Johnny wouldn't be in jail.He was teaching people ethat the Fed Government didn't have any power over them.They have proved him wrong. You can argue wether their power is legit or not,but that's abstract,the reality is they do have the power.Don't make yourself a target by symbolic defiance,if you want to maintain your physical freedom,or what's left of it.


has anyone in the United States became a sovereign citize? I need to come in contact with someone who is a sovereign citizen and I need to know if it has made a difference in your life. I have a brother who is incarcerated and I am the only family he has. My brother knows of someone who is trying to become a sovereign citizen. My brother think by becoming a sovereign citizen he has a great chance of seeing daylight again. I need the help of anyone, someone to give accurate detailed info on this citizenship. It could be just a fraud, I don't know. My brother has a 105 year sentence so learning about cant hurt. He is 37 years old, he has been incarcerated for 11 years. Mey brother has NEVER killed, robbed, or hurt anyone. He simply made some choices like most humans do. Attracted bad friends and so forth. He has a liver disease and he isn't receiving proper care in the facility. My brother heard that another inmate was released from prison early by the help of sovereign leaders. But this is not proven just a rumour. If this is indead true I wish I could talk to this person. My brother hear he was from Jamacia but like I said earlier, this has not been proven. If anyone knows any info that could help, please contact me. If anyone has comment please do.

Thank you for listening


look for cracking the code redemption in law theory and practice. latest edition would be best but it will do. when my dad was in prison he knew some one who was going to do 4 back to back life sentences but filed uniform commercial code and within 3 yrs he was out of prison. hope it helps

Christohper Smith

I would like to know how to become sovereign. I would like to know the first step. I would like to know the process as well. Please call me 407 394 2822.


Here i will stick up for Johnny: First!
Johnny says "American Citizenship in a republican form of government has been effectively altered over many generations to US Citizenship in a democratic form of government centralized in Washington DC instead of a guaranteed "republican form of government" in the states where it was originally intended.". ok now sing along with me folks.. I pledge allegiance to the flag... of the united states of America and to the (?)the word is republic.. for which it stands. NOT DEMOCRATIC.


if you were born in the federal USA (Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, or Swain’s Island) then you are a US citizen. if you were born anywhere else you would be a Sovereign Citizen.
look the definitions up in a dictionary if you have to.

you learned this stuff in middle school here folks.. how have you all forgotten this.

Congress may pass any law it wants to, in its federal jurisdiction.(Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, or Swain’s Island). but congress may pass no law onto any state if it conflicts with the constitution. (remember this stuff in school). So if the constitution says you can do anything you want, so long as it does not hurt another. (long and short of it) how is buckle your seat belt a law? i wouldn't hurt anybody if i didn't wear my seatbelt? so how in the world could this possibly be a law? (ps its not really a law, its a statue) obviously it is in conflict with the constitution, so how can they uphold this statue as law in court?

it all has to do with the money you use today. (this post is going to get ugly here)
ok the constitution demands we use a currency that is backed by gold and silver as currency. if your not familiar with this, we do not use gold and silver. our government gave the right to print and monitor our money to a private bank. yes the federal reserve isn't ours, our money isnt backed by gold or silver anymore. if your not familiar with this history look it up its not a secret.
so if the constitution demands gold and silver but you are using federal reserve notes that are not real, then the constitution does not recognize it.
i looked up these definitions for you:

(1)allowed or permitted by law; (2)not contrary to law:

(1)permitted by law; (2)of or pertaining to law; connected with the law or its administration.

so you see the constitution demands lawful currency, but the federal reserve note is legal tender, gold and silver are allowed by law, fed notes are connected with the law by its administration.


Here I have listed the direct definition of the Federal Reserve from the dictionary:

The Federal Reserve System (also the Federal Reserve; informally The Fed) is the central banking system of the United States. Created in 1913 by the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, it is a quasi-public, private banking system.
Also note the word “quasi”… here is that definition:
Quasi: Seeming or seemingly but not necessarily genuine or genuinely.

The Constitution of the US, states that all currency will be backed by real money. (gold/silver)
However it is not. It is backed by a fiat currency owned by a foreign entity. (The FED) Why is it foreign? Because the Constitution says so. (The Supreme Law of the Land).


it is foreign... hmmmm so back to the seat belt thing again, so maybe when i go to court before i even let the prosecutor even speak to me, i should request his or her "Foreign Agent registration statement" which is required by law to be on file with the secretary of state.
Now why in the world would a prosecutor of a court system have a foreign agent registration on file? Because they are operating out of a foreign court system, that why, its foreign. now why anyone would want to be tried in a foreign court system, better yet is how did this happen?

You accepted the benefit of using there fed notes, its gotta get paid back somehow. you see gold and silver can not be taxed its a substance. but fake money can be taxed, why.. the constitution does not see fed notes as real. so they can tax it all they want. please people do some research and forget about paris hilton for a few days.

let me just hit the Social security issue for a second. think about this.. i started working 25 years ago, the fake dollar (i didn't know it then)was worth about 48cents that i paid into SS. Today if i retired, that same dollar today is worth only 4 cents. did i gain money or loose money at that point? you do the math


The Federal Reserve, the IRS and a very dangerous court of law.

The Constitution of the United States mentions three (3) areas of jurisdiction in which the courts may operate:

(1) Equity Law

The first court we will talk about is the court of equity. A court of equity is a place to settle disputes, such as:
I hire a construction company to build my new home (there will be a contract between yourself and the construction company). After the home was completed, the roof leaked water into the living room every time it rained. If the construction company didn’t fix the problem, you would then take them to equity court for this dispute.
Equity Law is law which compels performance. It compels you to perform to the exact letter of any contract that you are under. So, if you have compelled performance, there must be a contract somewhere, and you are being compelled to perform under the obligation of the contract. Now this can only be a civil action--not criminal. In Equity Jurisdiction, you cannot be tried criminally, but you can be compelled to perform to the letter of a contract. If you then refuse to perform as directed by the court, you can then be charged with contempt of court, which is a criminal action.

(2) Common Law (Constitution Law)
If you have not read the Constitution, shame on you.
Common Law is based on God's Law. Did you know the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land? Well it is! The Constitution says "no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions." Basically the concept of, if there is no victim there is no crime. Anytime someone is charged under the Common Law, there must be a damaged party. This only makes sense. If I throw a rock at neighbors window, and it caused damaged, that would be an example of there was a victim (the neighbors property) so there was a crime. This could be accidental or intentional; there is still a victim, thus a crime.
Common sense question: When you cross over the state line in most states, you will see a sign which says, "BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELTS--IT'S THE LAW.” Which law is this? This cannot be Common Law(2), because who would you injure if you did not buckle up? Common law does not compel performance, so that’s not it. Equity (1) court compels performance, but you can not be tried criminally, so that’s not it either. The only court left is:
(3) Admiralty/Maritime Law
This is a civil jurisdiction of Compelled Performance which also has Criminal Penalties for not adhering to the letter of the contract. Now we can see what jurisdiction the seatbelt laws (and all traffic laws, building codes, ordinances, tax codes, etc.) are under. Whenever there is a penalty for failure to perform (such as willful failure to file), that is Admiralty/ Maritime Law and there must be a valid international contract in force. However, the courts don't want to admit that they are operating under Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction, so they took the international law or Law Merchant and adopted it into our codes.


You may ask how we got into this situation where we can be charged with failure to wear seatbelts and be fined for it. Isn't the judge sworn to uphold the Constitution? Yes, he is. But you must understand that the Constitution, in Article I, Section 10, gives us the unlimited right to contract, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty or property of someone else. Contracts are enforceable, your drivers license is a contract and the Constitution gives two jurisdictions where contracts can be enforced--Equity or Admiralty. But we find them being enforced in Statutory Jurisdiction (there is no such thing, listed anywhere in the Constitution that says we can be tried in statutory law). This is the embarrassing part for the courts. We will cover this in more detail later.


Under the Common Law, every contract must be entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally by both parties or it is void and unenforceable. These are characteristics of a Common Law contract. There is another characteristic--it must be based on substance. For example, contracts used to read, "For one dollar and other valuable considerations, I will paint your house, etc." That was a valid contract--the dollar was a genuine, silver dollar. Now, suppose you wrote a contract that said, -For one Federal Reserve Note and other considerations, I will paint your house....' And suppose, for example, I painted your house the wrong color. Could you go into a Common Law court and get justice? No, you could not. You see, a Federal Reserve Note is a "colorable" dollar, as it has no substance, and in a Common Law jurisdiction, that contract would be unenforceable.
The frustration many Americans feel about our judicial system can be overwhelming and often frightening; and, like most fear, it is based on lack of understanding or knowledge. Those of us who have chosen a path out of bondage and into liberty are faced, eventually, with the seemingly tyrannical power of some governmental agency and the mystifying and awesome power of the courts. We have been taught that we must "get a good lawyer," but that is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible. If we are defending ourselves from the government, we find that the lawyers quickly take our money and then tell us as the ship is sinking, "I can't help you with that--I'm an officer of the court." Ultimately, the only way for us to have even a 'snowball's chance' is to understand the RULES OF THE GAME, and to come to an understanding of the true nature of the Law.


The lawyers have established and secured a virtual monopoly over this area of human knowledge by implying that the subject is just too difficult for the average person to understand, and by creating a separate vocabulary out of English words of otherwise common usage. While it may, at times, seem hopelessly complicated, it is not that difficult to grasp--are lawyers really as smart as they would have us believe? Besides, anyone who has been through a legal battle against the government with the aid of a lawyer has come to realize that lawyers learn about procedure, not about law.
Consider also that the framers of the Constitution wrote in language simple enough that the people could understand, specifically so that it would not have to be interpreted. So again we find, as in many other areas of life, that -THE BUCK STOPS HERE!' It is we who must take the responsibility for finding and putting to good use the TRUTH. It is we who must claim and defend our God-given rights and our freedom from those who would take them from us. It is we who must protect ourselves, our families and our posterity from the inevitable intrusion into our lives by-those who live parasitically off the labor, skill and talents of others.


The reason they cannot call it Admiralty Jurisdiction is that your defense would be quite different in Admiralty Jurisdiction from your defense under the Common Law. In Admiralty, there is no court which has jurisdiction unless there is a valid international contract in dispute. If you know it is Admiralty Jurisdiction, and they have admitted on the record that you are in an Admiralty Court, you can demand that the international maritime contract, to which you are supposedly a party, and which you supposedly have breached, be placed into evidence. No court has Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction unless there is a valid international maritime contract that has been breached. So you say, just innocently like a lamb, "Well, I never knew that I got involved with an international maritime contract, so I deny that such a contract exists. If this court is taking jurisdiction in Admiralty, then place the contract in evidence, so that I may challenge the validity of the contract. What they would have to do is place the national debt into evidence. They would have to admit that the international bankers own the whole nation, and that we are their slaves. This they can not admit this openly in court! Remember the monies used today are “colorable”, the word "colorable" means something that appears to be genuine, but is not.
Maybe it looks like a dollar, and maybe it spends like a dollar, but if it is not redeemable for lawful money (silver or gold) it is colorable.' If a Federal Reserve Note is used in a contract, then the contract becomes a "colorable" contract. And "colorable" contracts must be enforced under a "colorable" jurisdiction. So by creating Federal Reserve Notes, the government had to create a jurisdiction to cover the kinds of contracts which use them. We now have what is called Statutory Jurisdiction, which is not a genuine Admiralty jurisdiction. It is "colorable" Admiralty Jurisdiction the judges are enforcing because we are using "colorable money." Colorable Admiralty is now known as Statutory Jurisdiction. Let's understand how we get sucked into this Statutory Jurisdiction.


The government set up a "colorable" law system to fit the "colorable" currency. It used to be called the Law Merchant or the Law of Redeemable Instruments, because it dealt with paper which was redeemable in something of substance. But, once Federal Reserve Notes had become unredeemable, there had to be a system of law which was completely "colorable" from start to finish. This system of law was codified as the Uniform Commercial Code, and has been adopted in every state. This is "colorable" law, and it is used in all the courts. I explained in one of the keys earlier, which is that the country is bankrupt and we have no rights. If the master says "Jump!" then the slave had better jump, because the master has the right to cut his head off. As slaves we have no rights. But the creditors/masters had to cover that up, so they created a system of law called the Uniform Commercial Code. This -colorable' jurisdiction under the Uniform Commercial Code is the next key to understanding what has happened.
One difference between Common Law and the Uniform Commercial Code is that in Common Law, contracts must be entered into: (1) knowingly, (2) voluntarily, and (3) intentionally. Under the U.C.C., this is not so. First of all, con-tracts are un-necessary. Under this new law, -agreements' can be binding, and if you only exercise the benefits of a -agreement,' it is presumed or implied that you intend to meet the obligations associated with those benefits. If you accept a benefit offered by government, then you are obligated to follow, to the letter, each and every statute involved with that benefit. The method has been to get everybody exercising a benefit, and they don't even have to tell the people what the benefit is. Some people think it is the driver's license, the marriage license or the birth certificate, etc. I really believe it is none of these.


I believe the benefit being used is that we have been given the privilege of discharging debt with limited liability, instead of paying debt. When we pay a debt, we give substance for substance. If I buy a piece of candy with a silver dollar, that dollar bought the candy, and the candy bought the dollar--substance for substance. But if I use a Federal Reserve Note to buy the candy, I have not paid for it. There is no substance in the Federal Reserve Note. It is worthless paper given in exchange for something of substantive value. Congress offers us this benefit: Debt money, created by the federal United States, can be spent all over the continental united States, it will be legal tender for all debts, public and private, and the limited liability is that you cannot be sued for not paying your debts. So now they have said, "We're going to help you out, and you can just discharge your debts instead of paying your debts." When we use this -colorable' money to discharge our debts, we cannot use a Common Law court. We can only use a "colorable" court. We are completely under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code--we are using non-redeemable negotiable instruments and we are discharging debt rather than paying debt.


maybe some more maybe not.. do some homework


oh just some more definitions:

Corpus Juris Secundom: the moment you hire an attorney you admit and give yourself as a ward of the court.

Ward of the court: an infant, or a person of unsound mind who is in-capable of handling his own legal affairs.

driving: is a regulated occupation for hire.


Heeeellllloooooo!!!!!!!!Out there..
if there is anybody out there that has the time or the enegy to pass on to me any loop holes that would enable a person to utilize this law (for a good cause) then please e-mail me at your time and effort would be greatly appreciated, Ty TPorter


I need some serious sovereignty info. My credit, criminal history, and driving record are all SHOT. I need some help just to live. I am located in GA and my number is 7702564976...Please help


My email is


My email is


need help with sovereign status .where do i start .crediters calling constantly ,on the verge of losing my house.but im a moor and want to know more about how to fight this corp.salled the usa gov. my # is 718-477-5217 please help a bro out.islam moors


I dont have to much confidence left in E-gold nowadays.. Thy block accounts on daily bassis , ask for documents to be send or even DELETE accounts without paying you the balance.. And guess what .per their terms they have the right to do it: " 4.6. Right of Association Issuer reserves the right to refuse service to particular individuals or entities, at its sole discretion, with or without cause." Read a story on my blog on how a guy got his account frozen with $5500 inside

Jennifer Dabner

Heloo, I am trying to gather information on becoming sovereign. My son does not have a birth certificate. I never signed one for him. He just turned two. If anyone has any information to assist me I would appreciate it. Please contact me at Thank you

mike smith

i am a felon in the state of michigan and i would like to know more about becoming a sovereign citizen and what it means. you can contact me at i had heard this is the only way to regain most of my rights that our forefathers gave to us...

Terry Smith

Has any one gotten any free information on sovereign Citizenship?


Have to get out of Social Security System to be free. Signing any contract with Federal Government puts you into thier jurisdiction. (see argon's posts) No law says you have to have SS# to do anything except get SS benefits. Best book on the subject is Strategic Withdrawel. Getting out is easy, its living without SS# thats hard, when everyone in America has been fooled into thinking you need it to work etc.

Joseph Y. Munoz

Congratulations for this special web-site and may God bless you for the interest to help everybody to find the truth and the right way. I need to know what can I do to become an US Sovereign Citizen. Thanks


Is there anywhere to find out how to become sovereign? Everyone wants money to give out the precious information I want to know...Freedom should be FREE, you know. Why are people asking for "fake" money, which I don't have, to tell me what I need to know? Can someone please tell me the complete process for becoming sovereign? What are the pros and cons of sovereignty? Can children be sovereign along with their parents?

The One

I cannot seem to find a copy of Cracking the Code, any ideas?

lawrence ford

i am cocerned about our furture so please contact my address is 37775 greenwood dr. apt r-6 westland mi. 48185. my telephone number is 734 444 9577

Joseph A Smith

If all this is ture a FORIGEN power has sunk it claws DEEP in 2 our FOUNDITON. And goin on for so long that it may be 2 late to stop it.And if you try they have a place 4 you just like Jonny.It SAD but it is what is...kinndy was for the people and has 2 be doin on the DL.The thing's jonny speeks are ture if you think not you must be blind.ITS ALL ABOUT SELF your own people out? Self greed thats why. would love 2 be sovereign. (586)777-5487

joseph nieblas

I was becoming a soveregn in prison, but I lost all my paper work when I got out 11/26/07. how do I start this all over again.

Tryna help.....

check this out ppl.... may have some info for yall

hit me up

lets build and make something happen

Michael Crane

I have heard many things about Sovereign Citizenship and actually ran in to many folks claiming they were working on becoming a sovereign citizen. A man advised me I need to really check into it and realize that our government is very corrupt and there is a way out through becoming a sovereign citizen.

Please help with any and all other information at all. Thank You

also check out


Anyone that needs help with Sovereignty I think I can really help. I'm currently in this process myself. Please email me..for a copy of "The Commerce Game Exposed". I paid $25.00 for it, but email me and I will give it free. No games or gimmicks.


For all those interested in Sovereign Citizenship... Do any of you know about Google search? It's easy... I even used it to find out info... And Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry popped up!


I'd like to hear stories about anyone that has successfully become Sovereign. It's seems to me that all of this may be nothing more than a sick joke. I noticed that so many of the loud voices are either in prison, or dead. And the sites that actually teach all the info, and there are some really good groups out there. But guess what? They are too scared to practice out of this country. They usually are in Canada.
I'd like to hear frmm someone that lives here in this Country that has been successful establishing themselves as being totally sovereign~ and actually revoked their Social Security number.


For all those interested in Sovereign Citizenship... Do any of you know about Google search? It's easy... I even used it to find out info... And Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry popped up!


I would like to learn more on being a Sovereign.

Argon - please email me at


If anyone has any info or knows where I can get info about how to become sovereign would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP!!! Send all info to THANK YOU!!

william davis

what is the purpose of this site? I thot it was about becoming S C but all the plea for help in that seem to go unheeded ...I was involved with this movement some time back but money was scarce and it was difficult then to get help without paying some one huge fees to do something that seemed right but was unproven... that was 15 or 20 years ago. with the internet, it should be a piece of cake. if some one could enlighten me on a group or person of knowledge, i would appreciate it. One thing I know whether it work in principle or not, there should be sheer volume of people fed up with what is going on to organized and put a stop to it.





Hi I lve in the Detroit ,Michigan area and would like to know how to go about becoming sovereign


Anyone who can help me in this area of becoming sovereign I would greatly appreicate it. I do not even know where to begin the process, it seems very complicated and from my understanding you only get one chance at this. I have a brother who is the Federal Prison system, in hopes that I can help him with one last chance to see his young children grow up- I am reaching out to anyone who can lead me in the right direction contact me at l-gerow@


Hello and welcome to all:
I have read a great deal on becoming sovereign in Canada and the impact (for the benefit of the individual) but I would like to know more about how to become Sovereign in the US, how to get the 3rd party interlopers off, have my info copyrighted, become judegment proof, get rid of the scum that try to attach themselves to you? PLEASE HELP my email is, or I need to get started the right way and get my land, family and self protected before s**t hits the fan with the gov't!!!!


my DMV, SS, Credit, banking, is now crap., I am and have been looking up all this sovereign stuff and only find stuff for Canada and Britian. I need real facts and starting points. I can't find real stuff for US IS THERE ANYONE out there that dosn't mind helping others, paying it forward to assist me in becoming sovereign and utilizing the secret funds? Or is this all Junk or a sick joke to watch others cry for help. If someone credible can help me I would surely help someone else!


i would like to know more about this please

ernest collins

i was a member of global prosperity back in 1996 and freedom law school, read my I.M.F. and half a doz. other things trying to become sovereign and nothing has worked. private offshore banking is about to end. where do we go now for freedom?

n guerrero

I have come across this information elsewhere in my quest to gain the information and procedures to become a Sovereign Citizen and it clearly is consistent with everything that I have found. However, I am not clear on exactly what legal procedure other than a 1099 OID and a declaration made by yourself you have to utilize or how do you initiate any procedures or what order to start in. Please for the love of God can someone, be specific on where to start or look, that gives a clear direction to start the process of becoming Sovereign. Do people fear persecution over giving the information out freely or is it that people are just presenting opinions as fact and cannot produce the correct information that leads to the average layman gettin shit done!

Seems like to me, as my opinion and observation, there is a whole lotta good factual info that points to our God given individual rights and exposure of the lower than scum of the earth who are trying to keep us from that, but no one!, no one is saying exactly HOW we stand up for ourselves and legitimately claim our God given right.

Maybe someone did, but I missed it and if someone, anyone could instead of pointing me in the right direction because I missed it the first time and obviously I don't know what it looks like because I've never had it before, please point it out to me specifically.

Thank you! Thank you so much! May God, or whoever you look to, take care of you and yours because we all need to be FREE!! Without this education and information, we will continue to be enslaved!

my email is so please, someone let me in on the "secret".

The Matrix Has You!!

Those who seek the truth, find it.

A Moor in History

I was born a Black Man into the U.S. of America, and lets face it The history of this Country towards many minorities today and decedents of yesterday has not been totally equal in a since of being simply counted as part of the human race(remember they were consider property/NOT Human). Well people will always say but what about the Bi-racial President today. That’s a ploy and I won’t get into why at this point and time... But the point of the intro is to argue that it would have been better to not have fought for rights (I always thought MLK worked for the FBI anyway?) and be treated as the rest of the foreigners that migrated to this land. We would be looked at as Modern day Slave in a since of the term and how we arrived here in America, with not so much of the beatings and dog attacks of less than 50yrs past and present (because of media/communications, DEVOLUTION and modernizations)... but would that be so bad? We would get more justice today and Less "Just Us" in the Court and Legal systems and Prison Systems. How can minorities (Blacks & Hispanics) be 68% of the Criminal Courts and Penal systems and only may be 16-20% of the population? .hmmmm? (We are already SLAVES in the Bias Judicial and Executive Branches of Government?)...Its best for Minorities to be counted as Sovereign Americans, especially Black/African, African Americans and Even Bi-Racial Americans for that matter cause than we can be looked at as the Arab, Asian, original Muslims, and even the true Jews..(Who faced the same fate as Blacks but in another country; (remember the Tuskegee experiments in USA, just to name similarities). It’s better to be independent a Sovereign, to have our own identity, our own law of the land (Constitution), (there is a big difference in away of life and how children are raised etc… and maybe even our own Flag? Our ancestors were brought here over 600 hundred years ago. Who are we? Really? Who are we? Are we not up for our own Sovereignty? What does Iraq remind you of right now? Remember the U.S.'s History in the 1900-2009. Wow!.. We should be able to claim our Sovereignty Legally??

Eddy Z

It is to my best interest to clearly understand what it means to become a SOVERIGN CITIZEN here in America. I was born and raised`here my whole life and YES I do hold a Social Security Card classifying me as a CONTRACTEE to the state of FLORIDA where I reside. I want to become free of this. My email is or at Thanks again.

-Eddy Zumeta-

jeremy lamb

now you criminals out there serving life sentences and such will not be helped by becoming a sovereign citizen. you went to jail, or got a record, while you were "working" for the United States Corporation. You also give people who really want sovereign citizenship a bad name. you only want it to run from your record...or ditch your bad credit rating....but in all reality you won't lose either. you will keep your bad credit rating...and right when you do any business, involving dollars, with any other business you will be right back in the machine. the only way to really become sovereign is to forsake the federal reserve note and only deal in silver, gold, or gem stones. you can't sign any contract dealing with ownership of any property, or drive a vehicle on government roads such as interstates, highways, etc. i don't think its a bad idea to become sovereign, i want to also, but please don't do it because of a criminal record it won't work. thanks.

Noreen Goode

I have a felony on my record in Michigan and I would like to know more about becoming a sovereign citizen and what it all means. thank you



I have been looking for some detailed info. on the exact process of becoming a freeman. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. My contact info is: Please help, this is very inportant to me and my family.
Thank you


i want to become a sovereign citizen someone please help me........ email me at


wonderful stuff how do i learn more i live in a remote area and have limited access to computer


i dont even know where to begin...
i could use some help. does anybody know about 'accepting for value' bid bonds or payment bonds?these come from criminal records. if you do, please get in touch. thank


Read your constitution and you'll find Johnny's right........


I have a friend who is doing all his paperwork to become sovereign I am trying to get more information and find a group that I could possible meet with near me, in Richmond VA There is so many benefits yet so much to learn, can anyone help me out.


It took me 1 hour to create it, please rate it :)

John E. Reardon

This message is for Shun. His message posted 9/30/2007. Have him contact John E. Reardon 2 I know a lot about the law and I might be able to help his brother.


Randy G. Smith

Hello, My name is Randy and I took a class with Johny Liberty in April 2005. I am trying to find my friends from that class and anyone associated with sovereignty. Please help me if you can?!

Joseph Carapucci

I am awear of the fourth eddition redemption manual which is saposed to be a guide to reclaiming one's sovereignty.Can anyone verify the manual's authenticity before i spend the $220.00 on it?

robert frey



there are plenty of books on how to do each process but it is true we only get one shot at this. I have been researching this for a while and I would like to know a very simple thing for anyone with information about sovereign citizenship...What are the exact order of the steps to take for the complete process. I agree with a previous comment I read here...There are so many people asking how and so few willing to give the info...My email address is
If anyone has any solid info please contact me

Diane Victor

Hope someone comes back to this page because i found the info. Man o' man its tons of forms and letters but well worth it for freedom. get back to me! in this box only im not posting my damn email for the trolls to get.

Diane Victor

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Copyrighting Your Name

Recognize at the outset that you are dealing with a bunch of criminals who have abandoned their responsibilities as agents of the people by vacating the government and becoming a corporation to advance the commercial interests of the world. They attempt to make a corporation out of you, too, by writing your Christian appellation in all-capital letters which is a clear prejudice against you, according to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (TCRP) Rule 52, Alleging a Corporation:
"Allegations that a corporation is incorporated shall be taken as Truth unless denied by affidavit of the adverse party, his agent or his attorney, whether such corporation is public or private and however created."
Take note of the words "however created" because when those attorneys write your name in all-capital letters on a summons or warrant or notice, you have now been constituted as a corporation. Your name was similarly corrupted when a constructive trust was established as you volunteered into Social Security, making you part of the national socialist democracy and assigning you an employee I.D. number (SSAN). TCRP Rules 53 and 54 affirm the notion that if someone alleges that you are a corporation and you do not deny it in a timely manner, you are a indeed a corporation for the commercial matter in question. Checking the definition of "name" in Bouviers law dictionary, we find that if 1) the opposing side does NOT use your Christian appellation, and 2) you do NOT make an appearance, and 3) you do NOT waive process-then they have NO jurisdiction over you.
One method of obtaining control over the all-capital fiction is to file a UCC-l financing statement with the secretary of state. Another is to bring that fiction under your domain as private intellectual property through a copyright, which enjoys the protection of common law when made a part of the public record with the local county recorder. (Copyright law existed before the modern statute was created.) Compare this with a trademark, which is not a common law document since it comes under statutory law.
The mandate since 1935 from Washington is that all the state governments standardize their state rules, procedures and statutes. References given here use the Texas code, however there are equivalent sections in each of the other state rulebooks from which to derive similar authority. TRCP Rule 52 was cited in Galleria Bank vs. Southwest Properties, 498 Southwest 2nd, page 5, as follows:
"The failure of an adverse party [i.e. you] to deny under oath the allegation that he is incorporated dispenses with the necessity of proof of the fact."
So, when you receive a presentment (bill, citation, tax bill, lawsuit, summons), you are alleged to be a corporation simply by how your Christian appellation is styled (all-capital letters) on the presentment. If you consent to that allegation by remaining silent during the time given to responding, it amounts to acceptance of your corporate status (acquiescence by silence). The fact that the opposition puts a case number or file reference or license number on the presentment constitutes a claim number that completes the process of creating a private corporation without your awareness. Thus, for that particular matter, you are presumed to be a corporation unless you rebut it (contest it) with an affidavit sworn under penalties of perjury.
RULE: Never accept a presentment without contesting it, but remember that the ONLY thing you want to contest is the "style of the case," i.e. the corruption of your Christian appellation into a corporate fiction form. To argue anything else in the pleading (even a contention that you are an ax murderer) instantly causes you to traverse into the opposition's jurisdiction-and you're dead!
By the opposition successfully alleging that you are a corporation, you become caught in a Catch-22. Commercial courts cannot deal with flesh-and-blood People-they deal only with legal fictions (ACTORS) and you are entirely out of place in a commercial court unless they somehow manage to join you, the Living Soul, with a corporation (ACTOR), which is how the court obtains jurisdiction over you. However, corporations cannot speak for themselves; they depend upon an attorney to be their mouthpiece and represent them before the court. You have NO STANDING before the court, not being a member of the BAR, and thus cannot speak for the legal fiction (ACTOR) whose name sounds exactly like yours (idem sonans). For you to attempt a court appearance perpetrates fraud upon the court and NOTHING you say or file with the court may be recognized or heard, in spite of your best intentions and most diligent efforts. The judge will take silent notice immediately. Hiring an attorney only complicates issues because it makes you a ward of the court (incompetent-to-handle your own affairs) AND it compromises your interests (attorneys are officers of the court whose first allegiance is to the court and not to their clients). Representing yourself pro se is no solution, either, unless you conveniently happen to be a member of the BAR (perish the thought!).
Having traversed down the slippery slope which leads to your own destruction, it is virtually impossible to then reverse course and disassociate yourself from the legal fiction (ACTOR). Once you've PROVED you are a fraud by agreeing to be a corporation, a powerful principal of law rules your affairs: "No truth can come from a fraud". Avoid that slippery slope in the first place by declaring "That's not me!" as your AUTOMATIC RESPONSE to any presentment, oral or written, where the ACTOR's name is used instead of your Christian appellation. "I don't know whose name you have there, but that's not me!"
WARNING: Your declaration of "That's not me!" needs to be made by affidavit when it is to become a part of an official record. Refer to Dr. Pepper Company v. Crowe, 621 SW 2nd 466, which held as follows:
Plaintiff pled defendant as a corporation. Defendant did not deny by verified pleading pursuant to TRCP 52 and 93 that he was not a corporation. Thus, such fact was established.
Presentments may be handled in any of three ways:
1. Write "This is not me" in red ink diagonally across the face of the instrument and return it to the sender.
2. Write "No such entity exists" in red ink diagonally across the face of the instrument and return it to the sender.
3. First, record a copyright of the ACTOR's name and then pursue discovery with the sender of the presentment: Inquire whether the sender is making a claim against your copyright and, if so, how they propose to handle the cost of such a claim (one million dollars in United States silver coin per use per issuer). (The presumption is that the sender is using the ACTOR's name in an attempt to extract something from your estate.) Claims for unlawful use of the copyright fall under common law and not under the commercial statutes regulating negotiable instruments and contracts. Therefore silver specie may be demanded in any settlement, instead of federal reserve notes or credit instruments of the United States.
The Texas Penal Code Articles 1.03, 1.04 and 1.07 (and similar language in each of the other states' code) says that the only crime which may be committed by one of the People is a common law crime. People are not "violators" of civil statutes. When someone sends a presentment, they are contending that there is a contract on tile somewhere and includes inanimate entities like corporations, trusts, legal fictions and ACTORS, but does not include People (Living Souls). The subterfuge is confusing until you realize that they are operating in two separate venues-one for legal fictions and the other for real People. The People's venue is in the common law which is based upon the constitution and runs with the land. The corporate government, in order to function, has codified a lot of the rights of the People into statutes which they attempt to enforce under the presumption that the people have agreed to be treated as corporations. The statutory side is the face that they show to the People in order to distract and deceive-and thereby control-them.
In 1935, the Social Security Act came into being. It provided that if one of the People voluntarily enrolled in Social Security and received a number, he was deemed to be an employee of the government. The State of Texas, as a subsidiary corporation of the United States Inc. (Title 28, § 3002 15 et sequel), can thus point to a man's Social Security contract to substantiate their contention that the man has become a person (ACTOR) and an employee of the state corporation, subject to being regulated and controlled by the statutes. As said before, People cannot commit violations unless they agreed to do something by contract. However, a contract may be invalidated if it was entered into without full disclosure-which is almost always the case in these entanglements with the state.
The Penal Code sets punishments for violations but it also provides a legal remedy for the People. People CANNOT avail themselves of the remedy if they acquiesce to being a legal fiction (corporation/employee), so it is important to first gain control of the all- capital letter ACTOR's name by means of a common law copyright and remove it from commerce so the state cannot use it against you. This is the highest form of title one can possess once the recorder's office attaches a deed number. With a copyright in hand, a man has returned control of his life to himself and out of the hands of the state. Anyone coming against the ACTOR after that point is required to post a bond equal to double the value of the copyright property before commencing action.
NOTE: Occasionally, a county recorder will resist the idea of recording your papers by contending that you cannot copyright your own name-and the recorder would be correct I in that contention. There is no way to copyright your Christian name (upper-lower case ij appellation). However, the name that is being recorded for copyright is NOT your Christian name-it is the moniker of the alleged fiction, the corporation or ACTOR, whose name just happens to sound like yours. Furthermore, your papers are being submitted to the common law side of the recorder's office which recording takes precedence over statutory process. Be aware that a man can copyright ANY of the fruits of his labor, whether it be from his hands or his mind, and thereby protect those fruits for his own exclusive use by withdrawing them from commerce and the public domain.
IMPORTANT: Use care in selecting your terms. “File” is a statutory term. “Record” is a common law term. The copyright is private intellectual property “recorded for the public notice.”
The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (TCCP) in § 1.14 Waiver of Rights, says: "The defendant in a criminal prosecution for any offense may waive any rights secured to him by law. If he does not object to a defect, error or irregularity of form or substance in the indictment or the information before the date of the trial, he waives and forfeits the rights to object to the irregularity on appeal." So, if you argue anything except "That's not me!" in response to a presentment, you're dead! If you accept the contention that you're a corporation, you've acquiesced to being treated like a corporation-and you are finished. You are absolutely guilty of whatever they say you are because they run the courts. Your only defense is owning title to the ACTOR's name-by copyright. Get control of your legal fiction and then you can get control of your life.
Do not ever answer to the all-capital letter name. Always object. If someone announces that they have service for you, respond with "Let me see the paperwork. Oh, that's not me." Avoid entanglements with the state. You have no rights in any statutory corporation court. You only have statutory privileges and immunities. The People are the created ones. The government serves the People to the People's benefit. If you allow yourself to be contracted into their statutory venue as a corporation, then you are going to have to abide by the fact that they have all the rules in their favor and that you have no rights. Once you assert your rights that you are one of the People, there are a number of things you can do to help your court case to make certain that you will win on appeal. The Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure in § 1.27 states that the common law governs. If the statutory code fails to provide a rule of procedure in any particular state of case, the rules of common law shall apply. If, from the outset, you establish that you are NOT that legal fiction, then that case does NOT apply to you; instead, the rules of common law apply. You may force them to move the case into a venue in which the common law prevails (Texas Rules of Civil Procedure § 257 and 259), back into the venue of the People, to wit: A change of venue may be granted in civil cases upon a motion by either party supported by his own affidavit and the affidavit of three credible persons, residents of the county in which the suit is pending. (NOTE: The granting of a petition to move the case is usually automatic, unless some agent from the government corporation objects under penalty of perjury that a fair trial by a jury by due course of the law of the land can indeed be found in a court of equity-not likely, since your affidavit becomes the judgment unless rebutted point-for-point. If rebutted, the affidavit must be tried under the rules of common law, which must be heard by a jury in the county court for the People. This is because a remedy for a common law controversy cannot be heard in an equity court.) For an example of removal of a case to common law court, see: Lone Star Steel Company vs. Scott.
"I am not that fiction on the warrant or information that was served upon me. I am one the People and a living soul. I am not a corporation. I demand my remedy in the court of the People in the county court of record. I petition the court to remove Case No. 121212 from admiralty court under contract law into the county court for the People under common law."
Equal footing doctrine (under the full faith and credit provisions of the federal constitution) says you may import Texas law into your state and Texas law will have standing (to govern) in your case.
Refuse to give your "name"….. The omission of the Christian name by either plaintiff or defendant in a legal process prevents the court from acquiring jurisdiction, there being no other description or identification or appearance or waiver of process. -- Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 8th Edition. See: Boyington vs. Chamberlain, 38 Texas 604; Thompson vs. McCorkle, 136 Indiana 484 NE Reporter 813.
All crimes are commercial crimes with commercial remedies. Penal code violations are NOT crimes. Prior to 1939, there were four causes of action in the courts: civil, penal, criminal and admiralty. After the "Great Combining" in 1939, the only cause remaining was civil action in equity. (FRCP Rule 2, Title 28). Constant throughout the ages is the 7th Amendment to the constitution which preserves the right of the People to a common law venue. Any "crime" with a monetary value of more than $20 attached to it entitles the accused to due process under the common law. (One day in jail is normally worth more than $20.) In Texas, all criminal action must be dealt with under the common law where the People have sovereign immunity. If you remember to avail yourself of the constitutional remedy codified in the Rules of Criminal Procedure, you discover you do have a legal leg to stand on. Even attorneys have rights under the common law. In a disbarment action, an attorney may petition to have his case heard ill the county court of record (common law court).
Mandatory steps to taking back control of your legal life:
1. Copyright the name of your legal fiction.
2. On receiving any presentment, respond automatically with "That's not me!"
3. Find the remedy in your own state statute or code to counter the action being brought against you and FILE THAT REMEDY in your own real name. "The fiction in which the case is styled is not Me. I am really Me, a living soul, one of the sovereign People of the several states united. I demand to move the case into my venue where the People have remedy-in common law."
A landmark case for establishing who the People are is Kemper vs. State, 138 Southwest 1025 (issued in 1911), which says on Page 1043, § 33: One sovereign does not need to tell another that he is sovereign. He is sovereign by his very existence. The rule in America is that the American people are the sovereigns.
You have the right as a sovereign to control both sides of your life, the common law (private) side and the statutory (public) side where you engage in contracts with others. The presumption of contracts lacks full disclosure, but if you don't know who you are you are going to innocently accept a piece of paper with your capitalized name and, whether you like it or not, you will be captured into a statutory venue to be treated like a corporation and manipulated to the prejudice of your own best interests. You are one of the sovereign People. You have a right to copyright your name.
There is an insidious aspect to the states becoming corporations in order to execute public policy. We have grown used to seeing the activities of the Texas Republic carried out under the banner of The State of Texas (a corporation). The Powers That Be may have gone one step further in the development of the corporate fiction than the state constitution and the statutes actually permit, because we now see the corporation styled in legal documents as THE STATE OF TEXAS, which has no foundation in law or statute nor is the all-capital letter name registered with the Secretary of State of Texas. This amounts to a fictitious plaintiff which leads to the possibility that some band of international rogues may have stolen even our de facto corporate government from us. See Baldauf vs. Nathan Russell, 96 Atlantic Recorder, Page 96 (88 NJ law 303) which says under Abatement and Plea in Abatement-Fictitious Party: The defense that a plaintiff is a fictitious person attacks the capacity of the plaintiff to commence or continue the suit and is properly the subject of a plea in abatement.
Under the TCCP, the state only has the authority move process under The State of Texas. It appears, however, that today all of their process is running as THE STATE OF TEXAS, which may prove to be a fictitious plaintiff. This amounts to a colossal fraud upon the People, requiring the collusion of judges, the admiralty court system, the Bar Association, the attorneys general, the district attorneys and all the corporate officers who are supposed to be answerable to the People. It amounts to abdication of office in order to go over to some fictitious venue for which there is no foundation in law. Furthermore, a fictitious plaintiff is a fraud upon tile court because it goes beyond their own code. Every accused man should notice the court of that fraud and demand his remedy.
The state corporation has co-opted the state constitution for use as their corporate charter. The label on the front may say TEXAS CONSTITUTION, but notice the all- capitalized style being employed in the title (subtle hint). The legislative council is responsible for the care and upkeep of this document, assisting the house and senate in their capacity of board of directors of the state corporation while they impersonate officers of The State of Texas. Taking these criminals to task for their deeds is nigh unto impossible, so long as they control all of the courts. Additional evidence that the CONSTITUTION is nothing more than a commercial charter that is seen by realizing that it may be amended at the whim of registered voters who are voting their interest as members of the national socialist democracy. Organic dejure law may be changed only by property owners who are qualified electors, not by persons of diminished capacity possessing social security numbers.
The only crimes which may be legitimately prosecuted against the People at common law are for:
1. Causing injury to another one of the People,
2. Damaging your neighbor's property, and
3. Violating the rule that your word is your bond. On the other hand, if you venture into commerce and make a contract, you become bound by the terms of that contract under the Law Merchant.
Citizens who obtain a voter's registration card become members of the County corporation. You join the socialist democracy when you apply for a social security number and become an employee of the corporate state.
If you know that you are one of the sovereign People and you have taken control of your alleged commercial entity (ACTOR), where do you go for remedy? The opposition has closed all of the People's courts. However, they cannot take them away-by law. The state constitution (corporate charter) identifies the county court which is a court of record consisting of 12 justices called from among the People and presided over by a magistrate who keeps order and maintains the seal of the court. The presiding magistrate serves as chief justice of this One Supreme Court, moving in common law. Notice that the United States Supreme Court is NOT the One Supreme Court, as we have been led to believe, having jurisdiction only over federal officers and employees in Washington, DC and the federal territories.
Since most of the contracts which imperil your standing in law were entered into voluntarily (social security, driver license, marriage license, voter registration), making you an employee of the state corporation and a member of the socialist democracy, consider volunteering OUT of the same contracts to restore your sovereign status under a republican form of government.
Article 5, Section 28 of the Texas constitution speaks to the issue of filling vacancies in the "superior court" which only exists in the counties. Know what court in which you have remedy. Apply that remedy, whether the opposition pays attention or not, by creating documents to cite applicable law and statutes that codify your contention that "That's not me-I'm not that THING." You have the right to make dilatory pleas and point out their errors. What are their errors? 1) That's not me on that piece of paper. 2) In fact, that's not YOU on that piece of paper. (Recall the fictitious plaintiff that has no foundation in either the constitution or the statutes.)
Don't go into their courts; simply return their process to them with an appropriate notation. Remember that if 1) the opposing side does NOT use your Christian appellation, and 2) you do NOT make an appearance, and 3) you do NOT waive process-then they have NO jurisdiction over you. Don't argue on behalf of or against the ACTOR or the charges-it's of no consequence and you risk traversing into their jurisdiction. The only issue is "That's not me!"
The ACTOR, being a fiction, has no capacity to speak, or write, or act, or pay fines, or serve time in jail. For those purposes, the system needs a real live man to step forward and agree to become the agent for the ACTOR, thus responsible to the principal to indemnify the obligations of the fiction (see "indemnifying party" and "accommodating party" in the Uniform Commercial Code). The system convicts the fiction and the live man serves time in jail! The state creates the fraud, but a real, live man must agree to it for it to be carried to execution.
The military, by reporting to the civil authority, is supposed to come in and protect the People when the court and legislative systems break down. There are powerful forces arrayed on the other side, whose very existence depends upon their continued ability to fleece the sheep. They won't relinquish power or control easily. Taking back the system has to begin somewhere and the starting point is for the People to record affidavits into the county record with copy to the government, which then become the basis for prosecuting actions in law. An affidavit, properly recorded, holds as much sway as a grand jury indictment. (The county attorney referred to in the Texas constitution is not the district attorney-it's one of the People.)
The state grand jury can only indict for misdemeanors because that's the only thing over which a district court has jurisdiction. If a felony is involved, it must by law be handled in the county court (common law). That's why cases are moved to contract law (equity courts) where the state attaches criminal penalties to civil contracts. The penal code is civil so that they may take felonies into the district court. Reason: They don't have constitutional or statutory authority to deal with one of the People charged with a felony in a state district court. So, how do they get jurisdiction? They claim that that the real man is an ACTOR (corporation) and an employee of the government, just like all judges, prosecuting attorneys, clerks and officers are ACTORS and employees. Unless the claim is rebutted, the real man finds that he has contracted away his right to a republican form of government and joined the socialist democracy with responsibility to adhere to the rules of the corporation and opportunity to enjoy a perceived benefit. It's all in the NAME.
The copyright is your private property and it is your right to get it recorded with the county recorder. Challenge the reluctance of any county recorder to accept your paperwork by citing § 5407 and 5408 of Revised Statutes of the United States, 1st session, 43rd Congress, 1873 -1874 (see website for sanctions available for non- compliance with duties to record). The clerk has NO right to make a judicial to come by convening a common law court and have 12 justices rule on the issue. The legal fiction is an ACTOR, a corporation, an employee, a strawman-it's all of those things-but, it's not you! However, so long as you have NOT staked your claim to its exclusive use, the world of commerce will infringe on it for their purposes. But, once you copyright the legal fiction and remove it from the public domain, the use of that property without your permission will cost the user a price which you set in the public record when recording your copyright.
A discussion of idem sonans is appropriate. It means "sounding the same or alike" and is the means by which the real man is tricked into answering to the illegal conversion of his Christi all appellation (name). When a case is called in court by the bailiff announcing the defendant's name, he is reading the all-capital name of the ACTOR (corporation) which SOUNDS exactly like the real man's name but is NOT his name. The natural reaction is to respond by walking forward. The moment the real man enters the bar, he has just left the venue of the People and entered the admiralty court, where by presumption of contract he comes under some obligation to obey a statutory code, rule or regulation and that he failed to comply with it. Idem sonans amounts to criminal conversion (contract made without your consent and lacking full disclosure) that is willful, malicious and deceptive trade practice. The opposition assumes that you will not know the truth, will traverse to that fiction and will automatically be captured into their venue-and be the means to creating additional revenue to fund the state machine.
So, how does one avoid falling into the idem sonans snare? One way is to file a petition for an identity hearing-in advance-to clarify which party the opposition really want to appear in court. This is a deal killer for them because, if they make truthful disclosure, it exposes their fraud. (You can help dissuade them from proceeding by attaching a copy of your recorded copyright when you file your petition.)
Any attempt by a real man to appear in court is foolhardy. The ACTOR is the one on trial and he needs legal representation (a BAR attorney) to mount a defense. The real man, not being a BAR attorney, cannot come into the court without permission and thus he cannot speak for the ACTOR. Nothing the real man attempts to put into the record will have any effect. The judge and the opposing attorney will take silent notice of the fraud the real man is attempting to perpetrate on the court, but no one will tell him the reality of the situation. Result: The ACTOR is recorded as NOT having appeared and nobody made a legitimate appearance for the ACTOR, which leads the court to award a declaratory judgment in favor of the opposition. Nothing can stop this process because real man cannot object without having a BAR card. Even if the judge wanted to rule in the ACTOR's favor, he cannot-being constrained by the rules that govern the court. HINT: If you want to go into their court , first get a BAR card and obtain a standing in the court
Stay out of their courts! Only attorneys can appear in their courts. They are moving by contract and statute and regulation, not law. If invited to appear, choose to abstain.
1. Send their citation back within 72 hours, with an appropriate notation.Wait for a warrant.
2. Receive the warrant and insist without hesitation, "That's not me!"
3. If taken into custody, be prepared to contest jurisdiction when asked to give your name. The correct response is, "I am me." When queried about being JOHN DOE, you respond, "I'm not the JOHN DOE you have on your paperwork. I am me. Do you have a claim against me? Do you know anyone who has a claim against me?" They can't have a claim against you because they don't have title to you, like they do have title to the ACTOR (unless you have recorded your copyright).
4. Who is the bondholder indemnifying the case? "I claim the bond because I own the property as evidenced by title to a deed recorded in the county."
5. I own exclusive title to the ACTOR being charged in the action. What commercial purpose do you have for that ACTOR and how do you propose to pay for the privilege? The fee is one million United States silver dollars per use per issuer.
6. Resist the urge to sign a bond for your release. You are signing a contract whereby you agree to hire an attorney and give up all your rights. Even if a friend agrees to post a cash bond, you the accused are asked to sign the bond prior to release. A proper response might be, "No thanks. I don't contract with demons."
Send a bill to anyone infringing on your copyright without permission. Typically, a presentment involves two parties, assuming an attorney is in the picture, so the minimum fee is two million silver dollars. Wait 30 days to receive payment and then record an Affidavit of Non-Payment, with your bill attached, into the county recorder's office. (An unrebutted affidavit becomes a judgment nihil dicit after 30 days and you don't need a court to collect on it.) In this way, you are generating paperwork in their venue which will eventually be noticed by the bonding companies who indemnify the actions of government employees. The bond company may refuse to renew coverage at some point because of unacceptable risk. Without a bond, a government employee cannot fulfill the duties of his office and conduct his commercial business.
Nihil dicit means that when a party is under the obligation to respond and cannot-or does not, you have created a controversy which can only be settled in a common law court (nonexistent) and that puts the opposition in a severe bind. You can add fuel to the fire by filing a criminal complaint charging deceptive trade practice through the fraudulent use of commercial paper and fraudulent commercial process. It is up to the court to determine what the criminal penalties amount to, however, by your bill and affidavit, you have already set the civil penalty at one million silver dollars-plus. The opposition is caught between a rock and a hard place because they cannot legitimately answer or dispute your claim and it becomes a judgment by their silence. "You have used my copyright without my permission to extort some benefit or money or property from my personal estate and I am lodging a claim for damages. I have taken steps to protect my estate and you have used my copyright without my permission and you owe me one million silver dollars."
Maxim of law: "For the defacto officer to have the presumption of office, there must first be the dejure office." This means that the government may not wish to use the constitution or deal with real law-but their lifeblood is determined ultimately by their adherence to the law. They will get as far away from real law as the People will allow, but at some point they have to answer to the law because they know they cannot exist without the dejure office being there. So, when affidavits alleging crimes against the People begin to pile up, it will begin to have a snowball effect.
The highest form of complaint-even higher than a grand jury indictment-is a sworn affidavit placed into the public record by one of the sovereign People. Actions commence in the county court (common law) by affidavit of the sovereign. There is no need for a grand jury to be convened and no cause for the police to go out and investigate-all that's required is for a sovereign to write an affidavit and declare "This crime occurred to me" and put it into the county recorder's office. Already, we have seen decisions to resign made by a number of recalcitrant Texas public officers in lieu of contesting the complaints made against them. It is incumbent upon each of us to refuse to allow public officers to get away with their crimes and to hold the truth up to their face at every opportunity. We have got to start asserting our rights and the way we do that is to take control of the presumption that we have a commercial identity (ACTOR) that belongs to them and for which they make us the indemnifying party. When you copyright that ACTOR, you take away their power. By not answering to that fiction, you take away their power. By sending them a bill every time they use the ACTOR's name without your permission, the accumulating weight of the civil and criminal affidavits that lie in the county recorder's office will take away their power. They will have to come back and be responsive to the People.
Once your copyright is recorded, you have the ability to stop the progress of cases being brought against you. You load tile record with affidavits and counter every move of the opposition. This may not halt the psychological warfare they wage against you and, at some point, you may be intimidated into hiring an attorney. You do this at your own peril because the judge will likely order your attorney (an officer of the court) to purge offensive documents from the records-and you will have nothing to say about it-to be replaced with documents of the attorney's choosing. A better way to go is to stand before the court as yourself and to always proclaim, "I am me. I'm not that fiction or any other entity on God's green earth. I am only me."
The Christian name (title) given to you when you were born is your "address". If questioned as to your address, it is proper to respond, "You may address me as Ralph. I am Me." "Ralph" is not your mailing location; it is your address. If they attempt to label you a resident, declare that you are an inhabitant. Inhabitants have domiciles, not residences. Where do you live? You live ill your body, where else? You SIGN NOTHING that is placed before you unless you understand the full implication of the act. By giving your name to someone else, you relinquish title over yourself. By giving your date of birth, you relinquish your birthright. With neither title to yourself nor your birthright, you have given over total control of yourself to others. Remember the trickery perpetrated with idem sonans. The cop in the processing section, the property office clerk, the guard in the prison-are all in on the ruse to get you to traverse to being the fiction. If successful, they own you and you become a ward of the state. "I can't give you my name (my title) because then I wouldn't have one. I can't give you the date of my birth without giving up my birthright." All judges, prosecuting attorneys, policemen, and officers of the court are ACTORS with jurisdiction only over other ACTORS (employees of the government) unless you give them permission to exercise jurisdiction over you.
Get the common law copyright of the fiction recorded with your county. Remove that ACTOR from commerce. It is the highest title over yourself you can possess. You own yourself at that point. You determine who will use that fiction and when and at what price. It is tile ultimate device for protecting yourself. It is more powerful-and more useful-than a UCC-I because the copyright is under the common law. The UCC-l comes under the commercial code which may be changed without notice and is overseen by attorneys who are the fiduciaries for the corporate bankruptcy. They all work for the bankers and they're primary job is to collect the debt.
Find your remedy for anything that occurred within the boundaries of your county in the venue of the county court (common law). Remember that none of the People have rights under the Constitution of the United States, which is a compact between the several States and the United States. Your rights are preserved by the local contract, which is your state constitution. The federal Bill of Rights does not apply to you, except where it has been replicated in your state constitution. Neither does the federal government have authority over you, unless you are a resident in a federal enclave or become a federal employee (social security contract). So, the reds cannot put you in their prison-unless you volunteer. One way of volunteering is to speak improperly at allocution (time of sentencing). When the judge asks if you know of any reason why he should not pass sentence, you had better jump to your feet and speak with as much conviction as you can manage -
"Yes sir, I know SEVERAL reasons why you should not pass sentence! FOR THE RECORD, that fiction listed on your paperwork is NOT Me! You can sentence that fiction to anything you please-if you think you have title to him. But, you do NOT have title to Me, so you cannot do anything to Me-and I do NOT give you permission to do anything except dismiss the case and discharge all charges with prejudice! Furthermore, there is evidence of fraud and collusion on the part of the prosecution who has brought an action in the name of a fictitious plaintiff. This is an equity court and you either move by contract or by title. I don't have any contract with you and I know for certain that you don't own me nor am I your slave. I am a living soul and NOT a corporation or a fictitious creation of the state. Furthermore, I am NOT an employee of any government corporation. I am ME. I claim subject matter jurisdiction and in personam jurisdiction for myself alone and I refuse to relinquish either jurisdiction to you. So, you cannot fine me or put me in jail. I demand to be released immediately!"
* * * * *
* * * * *
All material contained in this presentation is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice. None of the contributors are lawyers or members of the BAR. Consult your own legal professional before attempting to make use of any of this material. There are no guarantees-implied or express-as to the accuracy or adequacy of any of the information presented.

From Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition:
NAME. One or more words used to distinguish a particular individual, as Socrates, Benjamin Franklin.
2. The Greeks, as is well known, bore only one name, and it was one of the especial rights of a father to choose the names for his children and to alter them if he pleased. It was customary to give to tile eldest son the name of the grandfather on his father's side. The day on which children received their names was the tenth after their birth. The tenth day, called 'denate,' was a festive day, and friends and relatives were invited to take part in a sacrifice and a repast. If in a court of justice proofs could be adduced that a father had held the denate, it was sufficient evidence that be had recognized the child as his own. Smith's Diet. of Greek and Rom.. Antiq. h.. v.
3. Among the Romans, the division into races, and the subdivision of races into families, caused a great multiplicity of names. They had first the pronomen, which was proper to the person; then the nomen, belonging to his race; a surname or cognomen, designating the f'an1ily; and sometimes an agnomen, which indicated the branch of that family in which the author has become distinguished. Thus, for example, Publius Cornelius Scipio Afiicanus; Publius is the pronomen; Cornelius, the nomen, designating the name of the race Cornelia; Scipio, the cognomen, or surname of the family; and Africanus, the agnomen, which indicated his exploits.
4. Names are divided into Christian names, as, Benjamin, and surnames, as, Franklin.
5. No man can have more than one Christian name; 1 Ld. Raym. 562; Bac. Ab. Misnomer, A; though two or more names usually kept separate, as John and Peter, may undoubtedly be compounded, so as to form, in contemplation of law, but one. 5 T.. R. 195.. A letter put between the Christian and surname, as an abbreviation of a part of the Christian name, as, John B. Peterson, is no part of either. 4 Watts' R. 329; 5 John. R. 84; 14 Pet. R. 322; 3 Pet. R. 7; 2 Cowen. 463; Co. Litt. 3 a; 1 Ld. Raym. 562; , Vin. Ab. Misnomer, C 6, pl. 5 and 6: Com. Dig. Indictment, G 1, note u; Willes, R. 654; Bac. Abr. Misnomer and Addition; 3 Chit. Pro 164 to 173; 1 Young, R. 602. But see 7 Watts & Sergo 406.
6. In general a corporation must contract and sue and be sued by its corporate name; 8 Jobn. R. 295; 14 John. R. 238; 19 John. R. 300; 4 Rand. R. 359; yet a slight alteration in stating the name is unimportant, if there be no possibility of mistaking the identity of the corporation suing. 12 L. R. 444.
7. It sometimes happens that two different sets of partners carry on business in the same social name, and that one of the partners is a member of both firms. When there is a confusion in this respect, the partners of one firm may, in some cases, be made responsible for the debts of another. Baker v. Charlton, Peake's N. P. Cas. 80; 3 Mart. N. S. 39; 7 East. 210; 2 Bouv.lnst. n. 1477.
8. It is said that in devises if the name be mistaken, if it appear the testator meant a particular corporation, the devise will be good; a devise to "the inhabitants of the south parish," may be enjoyed by the inhabitants of the first parish. 3 Pick. R. 232; 6 S. & R. 11; see also Hob. 33; 6 Co. 65; 2 Cowen, R, 778.
9. As to names which have the same sound, see Bac. Ab. Misnomer, A; 7 Serg & Rawle, 479; Hammond's Analysis of Pleading, 89; 10 East. R. 83; and article Idem Sonans.
10. As to the effect of using those which have the same derivation, see 2 Roll. Ab. 135; 1 W. C. C. R. 285; I Chit. Cr. Law 108. For the effect of changing one name, see 1 Rop. Leg. 102; 3 M. & S. 453 Com. Dig. G 1, note x.
11. As to the omission or mistake of the name of a legatee, see 1 Rop. Leg. 132, 147; 1 Supp. to Yes. Jr. 81,82; 6 Yes. 42; 1 P. Wms. 425; Jacob's R. 464. As to the effect of mistakes in the names of persons in pleading, see Steph. Pl. 319. Vide, generally, 13 Vin. Ab. 13; 15 Vin. Ab. 595; pane's Ab. Index, h. t.; Roper on Leg. Index, b. t; 8 Com: Dig., 814; 3 Mis. R. 144; 4 McCord, 487; 5 HaIst. 230; 3 Mis. R. 227; 1 Pick. 388; Merl. Rep. mot Nom; and article Misnomer.
12. When a person uses a name in making a contract under seal, he will not be permitted to say that it is not his name; as, if he sign and seal a bond" A and B," (being his own and his partner's name,) and he had no authority from his partner to make such a deed, he cannot deny that his name is A. & B. 1 Raym. 2; I Salk. 214. And if a man describes himself in the body of a deed by the name of James and signs it John, he cannot, on being sued by the latter name, plead that his name is James. 3 Taunt. 505; Cro. Eliz. 897, n. a. Vide 3 P. & D. 27]; 11 Ad. & L. 594.
NAMES OF SHIPS. The act of congress of December 31, 1792, concerning the registering and recording of ships or vessels, provides, §3. That every ship or vessel, hereafter to be registered, (except as is hereinafter provided,) shall be registered by the collector of the district in which shall be comprehended the port to which such ship or vessel shall belong at the time of her registry, which port shall be deemed to be that at or nearest to which the owner, if there be but one, or, if more than one, the husband, or acting and managing owner of such ship or vessel, usually resides. And the name of the said ship or vessel, and of the port to which she shall so belong, shall be painted on her stem, on a black ground, in white letters, of not less than three inches in length. And if any ship or vessel of the United States shall be found without having her name, and the name of the port to which she belongs, painted in manner aforesaid, the owner or owners shall forfeit fifty dollars; one half to the person, giving the information thereof, the other half to the use of the United States. 1 Story's L. U. S. 269.
2. And by the act of February 18, 1793, it is directed, §l1. That every licensed ship or vessel shall have her name, and the port to which she belongs, painted on her stem, in the manner as is provided for registered ships or vessels; and if any licensed ship or vessel be found without such painting, the owner or owners thereof shall pay twenty dollars. 1 Story's L. U. S. 290.
3. By a resolution of congress, approved, March. 3, 1819, it is resolved, that all the ships of the navy of the United States, now building, or hereafter to be built, shall be named by the secretary of the navy, under the direction of the president of the United States, according to the following rule, to wit: Those of the first class, shall be called after the states of this Union those of the second class, after the rivers and those of the third class, after the principal cities and towns; taking care that no two vessels in the navy shall bear the same name. 3 Story's L. U. S. 1757.
4. When a ship is pleaged, as in the contract of bottomry, it is indispensable that its name should be properly stated; when it is merely the place in which the pledge is to be found, as in respondentia, it should also be stated, but a mistake in this case would not be fatal. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1255.
NAMIUM. An old word which signifies the taking or distraining another person's movable goods; 2 Inst. 140; 3 BI. Com. 149 a distress. Dalr. Feud. Pro 113.
NARR, pleading. An abbreviation of the word narratio; a declaration in the cause.
NARRATOR. A pleader who draws narrs serviens narrator, a sergeant at law. Fleta, 1.2, c. 37. Obsolete.


There are three pages of a template for the “Copyright Notice”. If you type: Control + H it will take you to “Find and Replace” you can then find the “STRAWMAN” and replace it with your name all in CAPS. The do a Ctrl + H and replace your “Live Man Name” with your name in upper and lower case letters. You also need to do a find and replace with your “Year of Birth.” Your “Indemnity Agreement Number” can be anything you want it to be and can remember. I did my date of nativity in reverse.

There are certain schools of thought if you want to stay in the private sector only have the Copyright Notice notarized, other schools of thought is to have it publicly noticed by having it appear in the newspaper 4 times and filing it with the county recorders office. It is up to you what you do.



A friend, whom we will call “LB,” recently had a criminal child support case dismissed in court in a few minutes by proceeding as follows:
1. Bert sent a fax to the D.A. requesting an appearance bond at no cost to LB so that LB could plead to the facts, and if they did not issue the bond then schedule a bond hearing.
2. When the D.A. failed to respond, LB sent the D.A. fax accepting the D.A.’s dishonor and noticed the D.A. that LB was seeking an agreement. After the D.A.’s dishonor Bert sent a copy of the fax to the judge, who likewise did not respond.
3. When LB went to court LB very gently asked for a personal appearance bond and no cost to himself so Bert could plead to the facts, stating that he had no intention of disputing the facts.
4. The personally appearance bond means that you (as the real being) must personally appear on behalf of the entity (your straw man). By posting that bond the judge can recognize you as the one appearing as the principal. He has to recognize you instead of the presumption of the appearance of your straw man. You are asking for it, and only a real being can ask for that.
5. The judge did not respond when LB asked the judge for the personal appearance bond. If they fail to issue the bond it is their admission that there are no charges and also you can put the judge in involuntary bankruptcy for dishonoring your request for a bond. The judge then becomes the surety in the matter, like being the notary of record, because your request is on the record and they are refusing to settle.
6. Then the D.A. turned around and asked LB for his name, asking if Bert was so-and-so, and Bert responded with a question to the D.A.: “May I have your name please?”
7. The D.A. then said, “I’m dismissing the charges”; then turned and said that to the judge.
8. The judge asked LB again about his request; LB repeated the request for a Personal Appearance Bond, at no cost to himself; “So that I can plead to the charges,” he said.
9. The judge said, “Your request is now moot because the case is dismissed.” When you proceed in this way it brings closure on the criminal side and settles the account.
10. By asking for a bond hearing you have provided them with opportunity to discharge the bond for closure in exchange for settlement; settling privately before and in lieu of going to court. Then there is no need for a trial. You don’t care what amount they put on the bond since you can offer to pay for the bond by adjustment/offset through your exemption. If they do not do so they establish themselves as being in dishonor and thereby subject to being placed in involuntary bankruptcy if they proceed against you after establishing their dishonor on the record.

11. If the prosecutor begins by stating simple matters of fact, which are not accusations or charges (such as, “You signed three checks written on a closed account”) but merely facts, agree with him. Your agreement is on the private/substance side, not on the public side, and merely stipulation concerning the pure events without anyone’s mental concepts superimposed and attached (such as, “What you did is an offense of some kind”). The public side is the interpretation and reflection of the facts as projected into the statutes and their application.
After you agree with the facts (which are simply objective events in reality without any consequences/interpretations attached) by saying, “Yes, that is true,” REMAIN SILENT!
After the first accusation, say, “I accept your offer for value and offer my exemption in exchange for discharge of the bonds. I request that you discharge the bond.” THEN, REMAIN SILENT.
Do not under any circumstances be arrogant or accusatory, which is a dishonor and traverses you into their domain where you automatically lose. Be courteous at all times.
It might be effective, if the judge asks you such things as “What do you mean by your exemption?” to answer with the source of your capacity for discharging the bond:
“I offer my exemption in exchange for discharge of the bonds by offset against my Private Treasury UCC Contract Trust Account, No. (SS# w.o. dashes), and bonded through my bonded serial number (the red number on the back of your current SS Card—a letter and eight (8) numbers).”
The remainder is an elaboration of the above and the consequences/ramifications thereof.
The situation is as follows:
Private/Substance/Fact Public/Reflection/Interpretation

Event/Fact/Civil Act  Criminal Conduct/
Injured Party/
Mens rea   Criminal Charges  Civil Resolution by
Agreement of parties
The sequence is this:
1. You have committed some actual, existential act (such as writing a check on a closed account), which is simply an event in reality. In itself, the pure event is merely what it is, and is not “wrong,” or a “crime” in itself.
2. Someone (some living being, the complainant) has considered what you did as a common-law crime, with an injured party and belief that you did the deed with criminal intent (mens rea). The “crime” is the application by some particular person of the facts to their presumptions/assumptions/priorities/interpretations/motivations.
3. The complainant swears out a complaint under affidavit that you did what he says you did and submits it to the prosecuting authorities for them, as public servants, to investigate and prosecute you.
4. The first thing across the mirror (the bar) onto the right hand side, “r.h.s.,” (public/debt/bankruptcy) is the criminal charges, which is what the public side indicts you for. Since the public side is debt, reflection, and bankruptcy, nothing can originate there: it must reflect something real on the private/substance side and then interpret the actual event in their light, by calling it a “crime” and saying it violated one or more of their statutes. The event itself is nothing other than a particular occurrence in reality, which can be interpreted by an infinite number of possible beings in an infinite number of possible ways; in itself it is pure suchness, the thing-in-itself, and completely neutral. If someone calls it a crime that is their projection/interpretation of a simple event.
5. The system functions by getting someone to plead to the criminal charges, (i.e., statutes, on the public side), and then going to the public/civil (agreement of the parties) for resolution, after you have agreed that you are enjoining the statutes by entering a plea to violating or not violating the statutes. If you take that route you are down the drain. The proper way is to obtain a civil resolution on the public side based on securing a civil resolution on the private side. This resolution occurs by establishing stipulations between the parties as real beings. Once you have such civil resolution on the public side—which is a reflection of the civil resolution on the private side by pleading guilty to the facts—the criminal accusation on the private side disappear without having to deal with them.
6. You must resolve the case before you plead to the (criminal) charges. The way to accomplish this is twofold:
a. Obtain a stipulation of the parties on the private side, as to the facts, thereby reaching a prior agreement and ending the dispute—eliminating the controversy that would provide something for a court to adjudicate and resolve. No dispute, no court case.
b. Deal with the issue of the bond, since the only way the court can obtain subject matter jurisdiction is by someone posting bond to empower it to act on his behalf and indemnify the court concerning any expenses that may be involved. Prosecuting in a court when no bond has been posted is like trying to create a reflection in a mirror without anything to reflect.
7. The way to resolve the above two matters is as follows:
a. For securing a stipulation between the parties that ends the dispute on the spot, admit to the facts. A statement such as, “I have no problem with pleading guilty to the facts stated in the charges” can be accomplish this. At this point the negotiations are over. Since there is stipulation between the parties there is no longer any controversy for any court to hear and entertain, so it is the end of the deal (except for resolving the bond matter). When there is agreement on the private/substance side the matter can never get to the statutes, the public/interpretation/reflection side because the dispute is over before it gets there.
b. You don’t want to embarrass the public side by denying they have posted bond, whether by conditionally accepting their offer subject to proof of having lodged a bond or otherwise. So instead, offer to discharge their bond by offering your exemption.
8. The way to use substance, closed accounts, and your exemption (which is substance and private) is by adjustment and set-off on the private side. Do not introduce any new credits or debt into the public side, or you re-open the account.
9. The ‘stipulation on the private side’ as to the facts, ends the dispute. If you follow their lure, or what they present as the way to go, you’re DEAD. They want you to plead to the statutes, not the facts. The statutes are their property; their “truth” and jurisdiction within which you have ‘no authority’ or knowledge for dealing. You own yourself on the substance side but have no claim on their interpretation/reflection of facts on the private side that they posit in the public (imaginary, mirage, colorable) side.
10. By pleading guilty to the facts on the private side you are demurring. “Who says I can’t write a check on my own closed account? Where is the party who was injured by my act? Was the injury the result of my act or the actions of someone else—probably someone who disregarded my instructions? If they don’t do it right, is that my fault?”
11. Remember that no one on the public (r.h.s.) can charge anyone with a crime on the private (l.h.s.). An attempt to bring a charge in the public domain without reflecting tangible events on the private side is an attempt to create something out of nothing, create a negative charge without an offsetting positive charge to counter-balance the creation.
12. Someone invoking the system must post a bond to indemnify the court AND the party charged, if the charges are bogus and the accused party is damaged and the court incurs expenses. The authorities cannot come arrest you without the order (warrant, which is a check) from a court, and the only way the court can obtain the jurisdiction to execute the warrant is by someone having posted a bond granting the court subject -matter jurisdiction; (funds against which to execute the warrant/check) to hear and entertain (adjudicate) the matters you are accused of. Otherwise, the r.h.s. is trying to originate the charges without established authority on the private side.
13. If you are presented with any warrants, accept them for value, write “exempt from levy” on them, sign, date, and return them to the court. This grants the court authority to use your exemption in exchange for release of the property, (i.e., discharge of the bond and the return of the bond to you), as the Creditor and Insurer. The bond gives the court subject-matter jurisdiction, and if you are the Creditor—paying with substance and not liability funds—it’s your court. The court listens to the Creditor. When you have title to the bond behind the criminal prosecution there is no way you can go to jail because you have discharged the bond you would otherwise have to discharge by personal seizure and incarcerated as the surety.
14. If you enter a plea when no bond was posted, you’ve broken the law by pleading to non-existent charges. Also, you have also posted your own bond to grant the court subject matter jurisdiction to prosecute you by allowing them to borrow your exemption into circulation and hold title to the bond on the public side.

You must raise the issue that there is no bond; then you enter a plea and post your own bond, which you own, not the court.
15. If no one posted a bond, there’s no way the court can obtain subject-matter jurisdiction. In such case they can’t keep you in jail; if they do, they are liable. If you sign a slip to remain out on your own recognizance, “OR,” it is a bond (albeit a non-cash bond) that gives the court jurisdiction; it provides the court the right to act against you.
16. Having a hearing in an admiralty court is not a common-law right; it requires the posting of a bond so that the court can have in rem jurisdiction. The property is the bond. You must secure title to the bond behind the criminal prosecution. How do you get title? There must be an agreement between the parties concerning who is the Creditor on the bonds.
The court will probably try to secure title by asking you to pay a small fee for filing the bond. The public side, which is bankrupt, can’t pay—so only you can pay. The issue is not whether you will pay, but in what kind of funds—asset funds or liability funds. If you pay with the former (your exemption) you secure title; if you pay with the latter (FRNs) you forfeit title. Therefore, you suggest that either the court waive the public administration fee for registering the bond or take the fee out of the accounts of your private property. If the court does not do either it is in dishonor and you can discharge the matter by bringing involuntary bankruptcy against the court to discharge the bond because you have established yourself as the Creditor, owner, and holder in due course by your acceptance for value and offer to discharge by offering your exemption.

Marcus Davis

Can I get step for step information sent to me on becoming a Sovereign


You need to find out all the federal contracts that you are currently presumed to be engaged in and find a way to cancel, denounce, or remedy them, (this includes tax forms, ssn, vehicle registrations, your drivers license, etc.) You need to utterly sever all ties to the FEDERAL government as a [federal U.S. citizen] and then register yourself with your State Republic as a natural-born National/Sovereign state Citizen. You need to be domiciled in that state, and either natural born, or born in a territory (but still must be domiciled in one of the 48 states that have constitutional authority to grant Sovereign Citizenship.

It would also be advisable to study/learn Constitutional Law, to exercise your freedoms. as a Federal U.S. citizen, you are not protected by the constitution, as you are not a sovereign Citizen (which is who the constitution governs, not [Federal] U.S. citizens) and are at risk of non-constitutional laws/code/statutes, whereas, if you are a Sovereign Citizen of a state, you adhere only to constitutional law. Many statutes (not all, however) are in conflict with the constitution, but are upheld on the basis that you are bound by contract.

If you are wondering how you work or file taxes as a Sovereign state Citizen, you would not file as a federal employee 1040, but as a non-resident alien (as in "alien" to the federal government, since you are not an employee.) It is entirely possible that you will be questioned about this, but again, with understanding of the constitution, jurisdiction, and when and where codes and statutes and federal "laws" apply, you (and anyone questioning) will find it clear that this is the way it is and that you are in proper place. THEY know it. They just bank on YOU *not* knowing. Why would they? It's like getting the wrong change in your favor at the grocery, but the majority of customers do it. Some will realize and come back for it, but the government is not going to put a sign out front saying "Come back and get your change."

Like someone else said, the information is out there, you need to read the laws and codes, surprisingly they do not infringe on the constitution, it's just that you yourself are not generally entitled to the constitution as a "U.S. [Federal] citizen." And you are said type of citizen if you are bound to the federal government by contract. For whoever said that you cannot call on old documents to grant freedom?! First of all, you should GTFO of America, lol. For being a moron. That aside... precedents set by both constitution and everything thereafter including precedent rulings by supreme courts is absolutely how law DOES work... and the only way around that FACT (I really still can't believe you said that), is if and when laws are repealed.

Basically it is a matter of jurisdiction. Whether or not you fall into Federal jurisdiction (as a "U.S. citizen") or not, as a Sovereign state Citizen of one of the united states of America. (which is as intended per the founding of the Union via Constitution and Declaration, etc.)

Steve R

I seen a post relative to seat belts. To tell u the truth. States can't issue a valid ticket to a private citizen. Because you have the right to travel. The way to get around it is by definition in the blacks law dictionary. Dept of motor vehicles issues license. ( for motor vehicles ) I do not own one lol. I own a Automobile which is defined as a personal conveyance. Not a motor vehicle that is defined as a bisness use or company use. All tickets list use of motor vehicle. Just say you don't own one and charge you with the same offense for traveling in an automobile and u will plead to that lol. They can't there are no laws against that. I beat a no insurance ticket that way / GOOD LUCK and remember you travel in an Automobile. Not operate a motor vehicle.

Michael Young

How do I become a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN!!?? I need help to save my business, prosperity, and all the money I have saved. I refuse to give it to a corrupt fed govt., and usurper! I have already purchased "TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOUR SCHWAG:THE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS HANDBOOK" $25 Is it true that ALL taxes paid in MUST be repaid back to Sovereign Citizens?

Martin Wright

My wife and I are in need of some help.
I am a disabled Army vet with Parkinsons Disease and many handicapps and my wife is not well.
We live in Orange Park, Fl. where we are law abiding citizens but yet my wife and I are being harrassed by the cops almost daily. We are afraid to go anywhere because we fear the Clay County Sheriff.
We are both ill and cant defend ourselves. I want to share a video with everyone.
Martin and Erlinda 904-322-7415


I'd like to know the few simple steps to becoming sovern in canada
in regards to saving myself and family.
i need this information not as legal advice but as learning material
anyone with the knowledge on this specifi topic please share.
I am aware that i am soven human being but it is the filing with the government part i need to deal with.


Hi everyone very interesting post. I admire those of you who have such a vast understanding of the law.
I have been researching both the idea of sovereign citizenship,and what my rights are in relation to driving.
At this time i may be facing jail, i have repeated charges of driving under suspension. None involved drugs or alcohol.My situation began 15 years ago, partly because the state i live in requires that you file a dL16 form (acknowledgment of suspension form) now it states you only need to use this form if your drivers license has not been taken by the police who pulled you over. since my d/l was taken from me i thought i was ok in that respect. when my calculated suspension was to expire i contacted Penndot to find out what i needed to do the restore, only to be told i received no "credit" and would need to turn in this form in to begin serving my suspension(lawyer charged me 250.00 for the form ) this meant i could not drive for 5 years. Being a mom with 2 kids that i had to raise alone i needed to work to support them which meant driving! It does not seem to matter to the court that my ex husband refused to pay support despite court order to do so, or how caseworkers ignore the law passed that failure to pay support would mean automatic suspension of the persons drivers license. I was actually told by the supervisor that their agencies caseworkers did not know how to go about suspending for non payment. Not to mention the fact my ex has 4 DUI.s but currently possesses a license. It makes no sense take the drivers license of a single hardworking mom trying to support 2 kids alone. but let the deadbeat alcoholic/drug user who refuses to support his children have his drivers license.


one other comment if the drivers license can be considered an enforceable contract should it be upheld if the person was a minor at the time? Like most people i received my drivers permit at age 15 and was a full tine driver by age 16 with only one stipulation and that was a midnight curfew.


our government is a broken system being taken advantage of by corrupt
politicians and law enforcement agencies. our so called "president" is nothing more than a racist dictator, ruining not only our once great country,but even going as far as polluting the supreme court with a racist hispanic judge and another woman who has never even been a judge.
americans are crying for the government to get illegals out of our country and secure our borders, and this knucklehead wants to reward these lawbreakers with amnesty! why are americans punished for their crimes while people who brake the law by coming here illegally are rewarded? soveriegn citizens please contact me at

 Caleb M

I dont have enough resources to pull over to sovereignty or I would.


I am trying to become soveriegn please tell me the first step i'm in the state of michigan and i would like to know more about becoming a sovereign citizen and what it means. you can contact me at i had heard this is the only way to the rights that our forefathers gave to us...

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I would like to know how to become sovereign. I would like to know the first step. I would like to know the process as well.



It seems as though everywhere i look for more information about sovereign citizenship i get nothing.I would really like to learn how to take the steps and by reading the other blogs and emails im not alone. Do anyone have any info as to how to become sovereign?

dave baskein

i am ready to become an american...not of the united states but of the american statis that the founding fathers of this country lade out before GOD and his approval...i do however wonder that after my own search and seeing the growth of the soverien movment how is it that it still seems so hard to get the information & paperwork needed to filling for this such movment. this i feel should be the focuss of all GOD'S people. to patishion the nessary information and help to guide freedom seekers and also to help educate those in every town city and state on the true meaning behind all of this..i myself am beyond ready for freedom..and have not yet been able to aquire the nessary paperwork na tools to do so..this bothers me..if there is anyone that can help me in my quest to become soverigen then i would greatly appreshiate it...thank you for your thank you


am still waiting for a contact for sovereign citizens. I am starting to wonder if this is something real or not.
It appears there are a number of Americans who are sick and tired of these corrupt politicians and dictators running this country and tearing it apart for their own selfishness.Since there is power in numbers, we must band together and have our voices heard. History repeats itself and it is time for true Americans to bear arms and make a stand! Remember, FREEDOM ISN'T FREE! Please contact me at


to SNAKES! you talk so much about how our president and a racist hispanic judge is in charge, but i think the only racist residing here in the US(land of the free) is YOU! Stop being so racist!!!!!! Is for people like you that this country cannot be FREE.


In 1998, Michelle and Barack Obama became WASHITAW, members of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, common law, and are no longer lawyers for the Queen and the UCC. No wonder they are trying so hard to smear Obama, it is they, all other lawyers in the U.S.A. And some in congress who are not USA citizens. When they took the BAR they swore an oath to the Queen. Ask any lawyer if he is citizen, ask any Judge. And the rest of us are property owned by the Queen via our birth certificates and the capitalization of our names on court documents in DC, a foreign corporate nation. The "U.S." is a Corporation that owns you through your birth certificate, that is why you will always hear Obama say The "United States of America". BIG Difference. You will hear about the next big crash of the banks and stock market that will happen before the end of 2010. Except this time it will be a good crash, a rebooting of the financial system to bring in the new gold backed rainbow currency backed by our Treasury dept., no more FRN's. Old cash will become worthless and the new currency will be worth much more with more buying power. Google rainbow currency, they are beautiful and already in the banks awaiting the announcement. All electronic accounts will be converted into the new financial system and foreclosures will be reversed back to their original owners. What you can purchase right now for $1.00, you will be able to purchase for ten cents on the gold backed currency. We have help from above. Keep enough cash on hand for two weeks or buy silver and gold eagles. Have you noticed that something is amiss in the news this week? There is no news, they are pussy footing around like they are waiting for the gag order to be lifted on full disclosure.

ATTORNEY LICENSE FRAUD: Author unknown, perform your own research!

Darrell's story: This is very long but will have you glued to your seat.,%20daryl.mp3 Daryl was arrested and won by using their own laws against them. His real name is Darrell Frech.

Becoming Washitaw UCC Forms. No lawyer will help you with this, you have to do it yourself.

If you follow the information as written herein, you will file a correct UCC: FREEDOM PAPERS.PDF FREEDOM PAPERS SECTION 2.PDF FREEDOM PAPERS SECTION 3 .PDF FREEDOM PAPERS SECTION 4.PDF Birth Certificate Bond.PDF

More info:

Hi Everybody. Tonight I would like to again tell you what I know about Becoming Washitaw. Everytime I teach more about this, I will make this statement: This broadcast, is limited for the sole use of the intended for educational use only. Any and All Political, Private or Public Entities, Federal, State, or Local Corporate Government(s), Municipality(ies), International Organizations, Corporation(s), agent(s), investigator(s), or informant(s), et. Al., and/or Third Party(ies) working in collusion by collecting and/or monitoring My communications Without my Exclusive Permission are Barred from Any and All Unauthorized Review, Use, Disclosure or Distribution. With Explicit Reservation of All My Rights, Without Prejudice and Without Recourse to Me.
Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or ALL Intellectual Property Rights or Reserved Rights.
NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE IS NOTICE TO AGENT. NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE. As we talk about Becoming Washitaw we speak about what is in progress now, we are returning to Planetary Government. Step One is Filing your Freedom Papers at Your County Court House. The Freedom Papers include Security agreement, Indemnity Bond. You will also include the Birth Certificate Bond. When You Go To Your County Courthouse, you may use any Courthouse within 150 miles of your domicile, meaning where you live. You may find that some Courthouses will charge you to file your Freedom Papers in the Public Register. It typically takes 7-10 days for the papers to be filed. The charges can range anywhere from around $10.00 to around $100.00. You may want to shop around your area to check the charges before deciding where to file your papers. After you file your Freedom Papers in the Public Register of your local County Court House, then the County will affix a Liber Number to this County Document. The Liber Number is important because it is required that you have the Liber Number on your UCC1 (Financial Statement) form or you will not be able to file for Washitaw Nation status. Once you have filed your Freedom Papers and then applied the Liber Number to your UCC1 then and ONLY then may you file your UCC1. Sure, the UCC1 form is one page and only takes 5 minutes to fill out. However, the Freedom Papers are about 200 or so pages and take slightly longer. If you own Property you will have an addendum to your UCC1. If you are adding minor children and/or grandchildren then you will add an addendum. To decide if you need any addendums you must read the instructions on filling out the UCC1. These are attached to the form and not difficult to figure out. In order to have the CORRECT UCC1 (Uniform Commercial Code) Form One must go onto the website for their Secretary of State. As an example, Michigan’s website is Each Secretary of State site is different. You may find the one for your State by putting into the search engine your State abbreviation and the letters SOS. When you get to your State website, you will see a tab called UCC and this is where you find the forms. You will have to chose between printing a blank copy to fill out by hand or filling it out on line and printing it out. Either way it costs about $20 to file the UCC for one adult and your children. Your partner will need their own UCC. The paperwork I have furnished you has been very generously offered to us by our friend, Grand Goddess Lillie. She is an Elder in the Matriarchal Counsel of Washitaw. This paperwork has been used since the 80s and it is considered tried and true. You will need to retain a copy of your Freedom Papers with the Liber Number and Your completed UCC1 and any necessary Addendums. It is required you keep a copy for your records. When you have these, make a copy of them to mail to the Washitaw Nation. This is how you obtain your Washitaw Affiliation Documents. The Matriarchal Council will issue Washitaw affiliation documents as soon as your entire UCC package is finished and a copy of the same is mailed to the headquarter address: Washitaw Mir 7 2435 East North Street Greenville, South Carolina Territority near[29615] The seal of Washitaw MUST be affixed to the document in order for the instruments to be valid. Anyone looking to have support of an Attorney may have difficulty. Attorneys are not licensed to practice law. Attorneys are Members of the Bar at the UK. If an Attorney pulls a person out of the public and in to the private they will be called back to London and its off with their head. Attorneys practice Statuatory Law and know nothing about Common Law. We call Common Law, Divine Law. Attorneys are always practicing at law and they never perfect the law. An opinion from an Attorney is always within the color of the law. Most, if not all Attorneys will say that filing the UCC1 is frivolous and fraudulent. You may not be able to find help from an Attorney. If you are a naturalized citizen of the United States, you do not have a Birth Certificate of the United States. A person who comes from another Country must have their Birth Certificate transferred from their Country to the United States. Most Countries will not want to give up their gross national product which is you. You will have to request a transfer of your Birth Certificate. At Birth our Countries establish accounts to make money form us, millions of dollars, by trading our accounts at 55 Water Street in NYC. Foreign Countries will not readily give up their wealth. Your Birth Certificate, belonging to them, represents their wealth. In order to become Washitaw a person must have their Birth Certificate Registered here. When requesting to become Washitaw a person is declaring their allegiance to the Land of Washitaw. If you didn’t know the reason they need you to fill out the Census, it is so they can collect the death numbers. They use the death numbers to calculate the gross national product. They use the census to project their finances as they live off the backs of your birth certificate. Also on the back of your social security card is your personal Social Security CUSIP number. This is another account that the corporation called united States of America makes money off of you, their slave. This goes all the way back to Enki and Enlil. When you file your UCC1 you are telling the corporation you are not that silent Strawman living to die for them. Filing the UCC1 means declaring you are a Sovereign Sentient Being. You are a Spirit having a human experience. Becoming Washitaw means you agree to follow the five basic principals of Natural Law upon which all Emperial Law is based are: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice. The Uniform Commercial Code is uniform worldwide. If you are in Canada or the UK or other places, you may have to contact the local office of UCC where you live to find your correct UCC form. The One I speak of is for the United States only. This may take some effort on your part, you will find it by putting the information into the search engine. This process is something to take your time with to do it right. It does not make sense to take short cuts. If One tackles the paperwork one small step at a time, you will get through it. Please feel free to contact me with your questions at I will touch on the Spiritual Aspects of recognizing and acknowledging you are a Sovereign Spiritual Being. There is a LARGE distinction between The Church, Religion, and Being a Christ. The Church Teaches one must follow Jesus Christ. Being a Christ means you acknowledge you are a Sovereign Being who IS Christ within and Every Other Person IS Christ within as well. Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, asks no one follow him, he suggests one follow any religion that is best suited for them. The Cosmic Christ returns to Earth on the day of Emergence to remind all of us to Come Together as One Humanity to Love Each other, Take Care of One Another and Be as One People with Self Governance. This is what it means to join the Washitaw Nation, it is THE Planetary Government.3/31/10 If this sounds overwhelming, it isn't, just take your time to avoid mistakes, email me if you need to do so.


More of Darrell's mp3's:

Here is a direct link to Dr. Loyd's audio's, the "Healing Code" Doctor, very enlightening! Discount


to JESS88! before you open your mouth, try opening the newspaper and reading it instead of sleeping on it! I read the blogs and do not see anything racist, just the truth. and if telling the truth is racist, then we are all racist. Ranting and raving about someone who is exercising their right to freedom of speech, is not going to do anything but reveal what an idiot you are.

 Caleb M

Becomin a Sovereign Citizen is the best route when no alternative is 0available. For examp
le I have been labeled a violent felon and is in by best interest by God Given Right!
There is an author by the name I believe is J.M ZGodsent that provides insight and a more indepth understanding of how to become Sovereign. He even sells a kit that helps you bond your debts and everything else you will need! There was an ex-felon who received 4 years for 500 outdoor plants,21 guns and a machine gun!


Becomin a Sovereign Citizen is the best route when no alternative is 0available. For examp
le I have been labeled a violent felon and is in by best interest by God Given Right!
There is an author by the name I believe is J.M ZGodsent that provides insight and a more indepth understanding of how to become Sovereign. He even sells a kit that helps you bond your debts and everything else you will need! There was an ex-felon who received 4 years for 500 outdoor plants,21 guns and a machine gun!

Rev.Dr.Sage Million

Sovereignty Intelligence Service http://sovereigntyintellservice
for all those living souls looking for help, building a sovereignty legal research entity
become a SIS research agent (free of charge) you do this alone, we are only a grain of sand on on a cosmis beach, however if the entire beach is sovereign! well figure it out

Artificial Steve

Johnny Liberty, I just found a notebook of your papers that my girlfriend has started collecting. I read through it very quickly. When I was finished I felt very agitated, paranoid, and hopeless.

The truth hurts. It really does. Johnny Liberty, PLEASE, be a part of the SOLUTION.

You are missing one key element in winning people over. A plan! You can't leave people in a sense of dispair all the time.

Instead, give people tools to empower themselves, defend their "freedumbs" and so forth. Make people feel like they are 1000 feet tall, you'd be surprised at what happens when mass groups of ordinary citizens all begin to beleive in themselves.

Thanks Johnny, you are a Sovereign.

Oh, and by the way, how can a Sovereign also be a Citizen!!!?!?!?? Why not just be a Sovereign, and not a citizen, huh?
lorenzo jacksodjerocc

my wife and i have been trying to become sovereign for a long time and i would like more iformation about becoming a sovereign citizen we are not any trouble makers or usa law breakers we are someone who knows the truth about my natural self and natural if you can i would like information on that subject



Eddie Callahan

Do your research people... To become Sovereign isn't difficult, its a simple matter of understanding the constitution and knowing the law. As a Soverign Citizen...... You were Born on United States soil and can not be banned from your home country as some people fear, you can drive on the roads, ect... Some Judges will attempt to deny you your right to become a (SC) but most won't. Be careful about filling out the UCC 1- Ucc 3 paper work.... IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE...... Its your ass thats in the fire. From what I understand, there's a law firm the fills out and files the paper work for you but the research in itself can be difficult because the government doesn't want this information to get out. Look around you.... As for those with records attempting to file, your not resticted. Just like anyone else, you CAN BECOME SOVEREIGN, its your right, just as it is mine, don't let anyone tell you anything different. Most "Knowledge" people claim to have comes from word of mouth-from other people who heard it from someone else, ect...

Do your research
Understand what your reading

akeem hudson

i would like info on becoming a sovereign citizen.i have been saying for years i am going to renounce my i know there is more to it after that but cannot find out exactly what to do.if anyone can help please contact me @ OFCHUDSON@HOTMAIL.COM thank you very much


Call me at 607-295-2001 id like to become a Soverign citizen. ask for ken.

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